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Camso Agricultural Tracks

Premium Agriculture Track & Track Systems for your Farming Machinery.

Camso is a world leader in tracks and track systems development who is committed to redefining industry standard and to engineer products that respond to the evolution of farming equipment. With 20 years of experience, Camso's unique single cure process ensures even ply and cable placement for increased durability and performance. Camso tracks are the approved choice of OEM's, and are endorsed by dealers and recognized by farmers.

Rubber Track Solutions is a proud distributor of Camso premium agriculture tracks and track systems for your farming machinery. We provide track solutions for tractors, combines, fertilized carts, harvest carts, sprayers, seeders and more. We ship to 21 states, Mexico, and parts of Central and South America, within 48 hours of the order!

We supply tracks for top tractor brands such as John Deere, Agco, Versatile, Caterpillar, Case/New Holland and more! Choose from our hundreds of different tracks to find the right solution for your needs. Let us know what tractor manufacturer and model you have, what usage or application you’re using it for, and any track products you prefer, and we’ll help you with the rest!

Our customer service team ready to help you determine what track you need to get back in the field! Our headquarters is in New Braunfels, Texas, with other locations across the US.

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Rubber Track Machinery Applications:

Row Cropping

Camso tracks can handle row-cropping and can help you get the job done faster! For this application, we recommend an 18” track or larger, and the Camso AG 2500 or 3500 track series. Take on your row-cropping with Camso!


Camso tracks are often used for machines used for tillage – the most common application for higher horse-power track machines. We recommend a track width of 25” – 30” and the Camso AG 3500 or 5500 track series.


At Rubber Track Solutions, we provide camso tracks for scraper application. We recommend the 6500 track series. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Use Tractors with Tracks?

Increased Productivity

The larger ground contact area from your tracks improves the tractive effort the tractor uses to put power to the ground. Greater speed in the field allows you to cover more ground in less time – saving you in labor and fuel costs!

Reduced Power-Hop & Reduced Width

A power-hop is when your machine bounces or jumps due to the ground conditions. Tractors with tracks implemented on them do not suffer from this occurrence. Tracks provide a smoother ride and take up less space, allowing you to maneuver more efficiently.

Increased Flotation

Flotation is the ability of a tractor to stay on top of ground. With tracked tractors, you have smoother interactions and cause much less damaged to the field or surface area than with wheels. The weight is more evenly balanced and distributed, allowing your footprint to be much less severe.

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