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Construction Equipment Idler Wheels, Mid-Roller Wheels, & Sprockets

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for Skid Steers, CTLs, Mini-Excavators, Pavers and More!

Rubber Track Solutions is your headquarters for durable undercarriage replacement parts for your construction equipment. From wheels to sprockets, we offer our own premium proprietary brand of high-strength idler wheels, mid-roller wheels, drive sprockets and more for your equipment.

Undercarriage components work as a system to move the machine smoothly on any terrain. Utilizing sprockets, idlers, rollers, and more, the undercarriage is as imperative to the machine as the attachment or engine. Quality is essential in order to prevent wear and damage to your rubber replacement tracks.

Rubber Track Solutions carries OEM parts for all major makes and models, including undercarriage wheels and sprockets for:

• Compact Track Loaders

• OTT Skid Steers

• Mini-Excavators

• Pavers

We’re happy to supplement your rubber track system with the proper undercarriage parts so your machine keeps running at 100%.

Call us at (830) 609-9891 with any questions or to request a quote. We’ll get your Construction Undercarriage Parts on the way today!

Construction Undercarriage OEM Replacement Parts:

How Do I Know if I Need Replacement Undercarriage Parts?

Your excavator’s undercarriage is the most costly part of a machine and can make up almost 20% of the excavator’s purchase price and almost 50% of the machine’s maintenance costs.

It’s important to make sure your undercarriage components are never neglected. A few things to check daily include:

• Making sure the track chains are adjusted for correct tension to reduce premature wear.

• Keeping the undercarriage clean of mud, snow, dirt, and other debris that wears down components faster.

• Making sure your operator is properly trained to drive your vehicle correctly.

Not sure which replacement parts you need? Give us a call at (830) 609-9891 – we’ll help you determine the right parts for your equipment!

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